Learning to See Myself as Beautiful

You might be wondering, “What’s up with the header? If this is a beauty blog, where are the pics of gorgeous shades of pink lipstick, mascara, etc?”

While I don’t want to get overly ambitious, I’ve been thinking a lot what my beauty blog would be like if I wrote one. At first I thought I’d only review products with a special emphasis on what’s available in Europe versus the States, since I have made a permanent move to France. Then it seemed like I wanted to focus on the philosophy of beauty and helping women to change their perspectives about themselves and their own looks. But to hell with compromise: I want it all! So this is my attempt to have my cake and eat it, too (and still love my body after I eat the cake).

I love makeup and skincare products, and I’ve recently learned a good deal of useful tips to help apply makeup better and help you take care of your skin. However, that is not satisfying to me and won’t keep me writing this blog. So I decided to share with you something personal that changed how I see myself and opened my eyes to how critical I am of my own looks.

The picture I chose as my header is entitled “She looks good.” I saw this picture looking through my husband’s facebook album, in which he chronicles our trip with some former students this summer. As I often do, I had my critical eye on, and when I looked at the woman in the foreground of the picture I thought, “Ugh, she looks good. Why can’t I look like that?” Then I started to wonder who it was since she was walking next to one of our students. At first, I thought she was the French teacher who works at our partner school who is two sizes smaller than me (I checked the label of her jeans when we stayed at her apartment). But I soon realized that she was further back, way down the hallway, standing with her big camera. And I wondered, “Who the heck is this chick?”

The woman is me. For the first time in my life, I saw myself, not realizing it was me, and I liked how I looked. I wanted to look like… me.

For some of you, this may be a “so what?” kind of moment. But for me, it’s a miracle because I’m rarely ever satisfied with and even more rarely praise the way I look on a day-to-day basis. There are always special occasions when I think I look damn fine, but in general, I think I’m fat and ugly. And unfortunately, I’m still surprised when I look in the mirror and realize I look decent, pretty even. However, I’m starting to like how I look and feel more confident about who I am and to like my physical appearance.

Am I Cindy Crawford or Kate Moss? Hell to the no. And I don’t claim to be. But I am beginning to see that I am beautiful. Starting to feel it more often when I look at myself in the mirror or just walk around my apartment.

There are products I use that enhance my sense of self and help me to see and feel my own beauty. And I am going to tell you about them and share the good, bad, and not so pretty about them in reviews. But I’m also going to talk about self-image, my own journey, and different videos, articles, and ideas that might change how YOU look at yourself. And that’s what this is really about, self-love, self-acceptance. THIS is how we make the world a more beautiful place: seeing the beauty that is here and that stares at us in the mirror each morning and night.

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