Skincare That You Don’t Put on Your Face: Part I

Although I am not a nutritionist, a dermatologist, or an aethetician, I’ve had my share of skin issues and learned a good deal from my experiences and personal research about nutrition and skin care. And I can tell you that what we think and the emotions running through us absolutely affect our bodies, just not always in ways we can see (at least not right away). had some findings that support this: However, if you read my previous article on this topic, you know that I disagree with the general notion that topical treatment is the answer to breakouts brought on by stress. So a truly helpful, long-term treatment needs to include stress reduction as well as effective topical treatments to the skin.


Look for foods with nutrients and antioxidants: Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, berries, vegetables, oils, and fats (Omega 3 in fish and other sources, olive oil, avocado)


Eat seeds, nuts, avocados, and the like. Your body and your skin need fat! Contrary to what many of us have been told, fat is not your enemy; just remember to eat it in moderation. It helps keep your skin fed, plumped up, healthy, and glowing instead of flat and dry.

Reduce your daily/ weekly alcohol and coffee intake and/or augment your H2O intake to offset how much you consumed since these can severely dry out your skin.

Drink.Lots.Water. Folks, most of us need at least one liter (eight glasses of 8 oz each) per day. If you’re active, you should easily drink double or triple that amount. It takes discipline to drink as much as your body really needs, but it’s one of the easiest, best, and cheapest ways to promote the health of your entire body and keep from getting sick. As an added bonus, it helps you to feel fuller if you drink water between meals.

Eat yogurt with live cultures like Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. This stuff helps your digestion and the balance of healthy bacteria in your body. Don’t go non-fat! It won’t satisfy you, and let’s face it, it tastes nasty! So unless you just really, really prefer or enjoy fat-free yogurt, get reduced fat or just eat a smaller portion of regular yogurt. I recommend buying it plain and adding your own honey or jam to your taste. This way, you have fewer additives, and it’s exactly the flavor and sweetness you like! P.S. Harmful by-products are released in the process of making Greek yogurt. Thankfully, yogurt doesn’t need to be Greek to be healthy, tasty, and have active cultures!


Eating overly-processed foods with lots of additives, chemicals, GMOs, and especially hormones! Many dairy and meat products in the U.S. are chocked full of these. Not saying you have to go all-organic, vegan, or even vegetarian, but pay attention for labels that tell you when products are made without GMOs, chemicals, etc. And start checking ingredients lists. You don’t want to put crap on your face, so don’t put crap in your body because that’s what you’re feeding to your skin.


Going overboard on refined sugar. Everything in moderation, my friends. Eat your cake, and enjoy it! Just don’t have a big portion of sweets at every meal or between meals. Also, look for sweets that satisfy. Fruit can be more satisfying than candy, and as much as I love, love, LOVE milk chocolate, flavored dark chocolate tends to hit the spot and cure my cravings. My favorites are Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt and dark chocolate with orange. 😀 As a side note, if you really want the coke-bottle gummies and not fruit, eat them! Just get them in smaller packs (pre-portioned single-serving sizes really help me; if I want more, I have to open a second one, and I’m fully aware that I’m having two servings instead of just one).


Overdoing the dairy. Hey, I love cheese of all shapes and sizes, so I’m the LAST person who’s going to tell you to stop eating it. Just consume your dairy in moderation. If you had a big portion of cereal with milk up to the top of your bowl this morning, maybe don’t eat a whole cheese platter with lunch or dinner, or choose a non-dairy snack later in the day.


Drinking soda every day! Think of drinking a flavored herbal tea with honey and lemon (that you steep yourself) instead. Or at least, reduce the amount and frequency or offset your intake with water. You can give your body and skin more antioxidants with tea (adding milk kills the good stuff, unfortunately). It’s mostly water and therefore low-calorie, and honey also has many health benefits=Win, win, win!


While I definitely have more to say on this topic, I’m going to split it up into several posts because this one is long enough already!

P.S. I realize the font styles/ sizes are a bit inconsistent in this post, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make them look the same. If any veteran bloggers or tech wizzes are reading this, feel free to give me some suggestions!


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