What I Learned from Dita Von Teese

Whether you agree with Dita’s work as a burlesque performer or not, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and to understand who she is and what she wants and doesn’t want out of life. And she is very, very glamorous. I think she is beautiful and has something valuable to say about beauty.

Some pearls of wisdom that I gained:

  • You deserve to feel sexy, and you get to decide what that looks like for you.
  • Choose clothes, lingerie, and accessories that fit you, suit your ideal style, and that make you feel good and glamorous.
  • It’s okay to dress in an overtly sexy way.
  • Being sexy doesn’t have to mean being cheap or trampy, it mean being classic, chic, confident.

In her own words:

  • Glamor isn’t about how small you are or how young you are or any of those things.
  • It’s something you create and something you believe in for yourself.
  • You can’t dictate to a woman what should make her feel sexy.
  • Confidence is the important thing with beauty, mostly. It’s really about doing what you believe is beautiful. I feel most beautiful when I have my red lips on and when I have my cat eyeliner on and my hair curled—that’s what I feel good in, even though lots of people will see me with straight hair and no makeup on, and they’ll say I look so much younger. I don’t really care, though. I don’t care if they think I look prettier without the makeup and hair — it’s about what makes you feel good about yourself. I like having makeup on; I like the discipline it requires.

Though she falls into the realm of the alternative and even the controversial, Dita is alluring, glamorous, mysterious. She has inspired me to take charge of my own image, to play with it and create it as I like. I feel challenged to stop treating myself cheaply by neglecting little things that would make me feel fantastic: Taking a bubble bath, getting enough sleep, washing my delicates (and wearing the nice ones) regularly, or even organizing my desk and keeping track of my receipts.

If there is something small or important that you could do that would bring you peace of mind and put a smile to your face, don’t put it off any longer. You’re worth the effort.


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